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광주드림 기획 타이틀
 맑은강 푸른산
Josh Garcia: Voyaging Onward...   [2017.12.13]
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve probably heard Josh Garcia’s name mentioned more than a few times. The Texa...
Tattoos of Asia ...   [2017.11.29]
I sit in Benjun’s small, private quarters as the village representatives are holding a meeting in the much larger main room. Benjun cradles ...
The GPP Presents The Taming of the Shrew...   [2017.11.15]
It was January of this year, and I was sitting on a beach in Thailand when my phone buzzed. My good friend and frequent collaborator, Cat Ne...
Community Leader: Aine Byrne...   [2017.11.01]
There is an art to everything. It may reveal itself in the details of design, finesse, craft, presentation, or interpretation, but everythin...
Lea Moreau...   [2017.10.18]
Imagine a bug that, after biting a human, causes a life-long disease with no cure. The only treatment available is so expensive that people ...
Misub Hur-The Journey of a Jeweler ...   [2017.09.27]
As I approached Misub Hur’s workshop on an overcast Saturday afternoon, the first thing I noticed were the assortment of plants potted in sn...
Sexuality in the “Spotlight”: ...   [2017.09.13]
Standing at a Gwangju downtown bus stop on a fall day last year, I saw a promotional sticker for an upcoming new shop. Though this sight in ...
Gwangju’s Language Lounge ...   [2017.08.30]
Like Mokpo, Gwangju offers its own language group, called the Language Lounge. During the final week of July this year, the Language Lounge ...
Football for a Cause...   [2017.07.26]
Football is called “the beautiful game,” and for good reason. Both on the international and club stage, football brings people together to c...
Mokpo Language Exchange: Speaking and Sharing Toge...   [2017.07.12]
Mokpo residents have an excellent communications resource at the North Town Cafe, in Hadang, behind Formo Cube. Every Wednesday evening, the...
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[딱꼬집기]맥락, 그 전면긍정과 전면부정의 위험성
 열차시간 임박하여 송정역에 도착하였다. 역 주차장은 만 차! 서둘러 맞은 ...
 [청춘유감] 기독교, 동성애 그리고 에이즈 낙...
 [편집국에서] 다수결이 정의가 아닌 사회...
 [아침엽서] 외로우니까 사람일까?...
[기고]“광주교사노동조합 목표는 전교조보다 더 좋은 교사노조”
[이용교 교수 복지 상식]줬다 뺏는 기초연금, 헌법에 맞게 고쳐
[이용교 교수 복지 상식]아동수당, 2018년 9월부터 받을 수
소영 2집 발매 공연 “사라지는 것들에 관심을”
‘네버마인드’ 정리…남유진 씨 “괜찮지 않네요”
[와글와글 기아 타이거즈] 조계현 신임 단장 임명
전국 청년문화기획자 네트워크 포럼 ‘청년보릿고개’
광주 뮤지션들 등용문 닫히다